Wednesday, July 14, 2010

32. Spy

I’ve allowed myself to get out of the loop. My writing is sloppy and I’m having a hard time pulling all my thoughts into one direction. Short. Apologies =(

Also to all the people who write stories on here that I follow… I’m so far behind and I’m very sorry for that. My lack of comments doesn’t mean that I don’t like what you’re doing with your writing, it’s honestly the fact that I haven’t read a thing in so long!
I guess that just means I’ll have lots of fantastic updates to look forward to =)

Was he really doing this?

Obviously he was, but he still felt the need to question himself. It felt idiotic and juvenile - horribly so - as he sat in his parked car, outside of the doctor’s office.
Brooks didn’t even have the guts to tell Mike where he was really going.

It wasn’t that he thought his over-exuberant friend would have an issue with it, he just assumed that he would feel better about the whole thing if he kept it private. Completely private.
He shuddered to think what anyone else would say if they knew what he was doing right now, especially Emily.
The thought of the name had him glancing up through the tinted windows of his SUV as he glanced around the parking lot. He was a still a bit early, but he knew she’d be there soon; Emily was nothing if not punctual.

He allowed himself to think about his revelation again as he fiddled with the dial on the stereo. Brooks wasn’t exactly sure what had driven him to this point. Of course he was interested in anything that had to do with Emily, but at the same time, he could have just asked her.
But what if this was his greatest fear? What if she was sick… really sick? Wasn’t it her right to tell him when she was comfortable telling him?

Or maybe she though he’d never be interested in her if she told him she was sick. Oh god, did she think that she wasn’t good enough for him because there was something medically wrong with her? Did he take advantage of a sick girl?

He sighed, loudly, the noise making him shift uncomfortably as it filled the quiet vehicle around him. He was starting to get hot, as the sun filtered through the windows to where he was sitting in his heavy black suit.
Brooks had to leave for a game soon, and he still wasn’t exactly sure what his plan for this morning was going to be; so he continued to wait until Emily’s car pulled into the parking lot a few spots over from where he sat.
Emily was suppose to be watching Cosmo for the three days Brooks would be gone, and he knew she’d be heading to his place as soon as she was finished here. Of course, with interviews and another meeting with the Capital management, Brooks wouldn’t be there.
He had left Cosmo with Mike and was suddenly immensely satisfied with his decision to not tell Mike where he was going.

She didn’t give his SUV a second glance as she moved past him, her long hair pulled back into a ponytail that bounced with each step she took, swishing her long hair from side to side.
She was dressed in such a way that Brooks was sure this was her only planned outing. Although she still looked good to him, she had replaced her usually too-dressy daytime clothing with a pair of yoga pants and a long green Underarmor shirt.

Even though he had been expecting to see her, he still felt that nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach that made him feel like he was going to be sick. On the bright side, none of the people who had been entering or leaving the building appeared to be really sick. He found hope in that.
Maybe this was just some random check up.
Maybe Emily just had a really expensive doctor that she paid really well. Someone that would have the time to check-up with someone every month.

That was possible. Right?

Brooks, having factored in the average waiting room time during a visit to a private doctor, gave Emily a twenty minute head-start.
When he finally exited the car and headed towards the building, he did so with his head ducked and his sunglasses on.
He wasn’t very far from the door, and he pushed the glass surface timidly, worried that maybe he hadn’t given Emily enough time. However, with a quick glance around the waiting room he realized that he had missed her. Whichever one of the small corridors she had disappeared down, she was no longer in the lobby and that put Brooks in the clear.

He took this fortunate moment of obsoleteness to look around the room, for anything that might give him a hint as to what he was doing here.
It was brightly light with non-confrontational beige walls and a sterile looking marble floor. It looked more like the inside of a fancy hotel then a doctor’s office; even the furniture and coffee tables were out of place here with their rich fabrics and deep coloured mahogany surfaces.

Brooks cleared his throat and turned his attention straight ahead of him to where a pretty red-head was smiling at him from behind a large reception desk. “Can I help you?” She asked sweetly, imploring his feet to carry his body deeper into the building.

“Yah…” He started slowly, reaching the desk and pulling off his sunglasses. He set them down on the top of the desk and peered down at the girl. “I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Kustin.” He explained lamely, hoping she wouldn’t hear the guilt and uncertainty in his voice.

“Of course. Who’s it for?”

Brooks was caught off guard by her question, but he licked his lips and continued. “Me?”

“You and, who, though?” She pressed, her fingers beginning to drum across the keyboards as she brought up a registration sheet.

“Just me?” Brooks said, the statement coming out as a question.

The girl clicked her tongue thoughtfully before she continued. “Well then you’d probably be more interested in seeing one of the other doctor’s here, Dr. Kustin only takes female clients.”

“Isn’t that a little sexiest?” Brooks couldn’t help but snort out. It wasn’t like he actually cared, or that he had actually planned on coming in and seeing the doctor, he was more hoping to get the registration sheet to see what she specialized in.

The receptionist began to eye him with amusement, contemplating her words before she spoke. “Dr. Kustin is a fertility doctor… so unless you’re trying to get artificially inseminated, I don’t think he’d the right doctor for you.”

Brooks felt his mouth pop open, but he worked quickly to try and recover. “Oh… of course yah, I knew that… I just… heard he was a good doctor so… and I thought maybe he did more than just fertility stuff…”

“Nope. Just pregnancy.”

Brooks nodded, thanking the girl before he turned around to make a quick exit. He was half way to the door when he turned around and came back towards her. “And by fertility… you mean like… pregnancy right?” She nodded. “… the type of pregnancy that ends up in the girl having a baby?” She nodded again. “Like, a human baby?”

“That would be the type, yes.” She answered, trying to suppress the laughter that was turning up the corners of her mouth.

“Ok.” Brooks said quickly, turning back around and heading out into the parking lot, his mind reeling as he climbed into his SUV and stepped on the gas.


  1. Yay Zigh! Please don't disappear on us! I've missed this story!

    LMFAO @ Brooks. hahahah. Oh gosh, that was too funny.

  2. I wanna smack brooks for this. Spying on her. Im glad mike didnt know, he would wanna go too!

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  4. Of course Brooks would do this, it's so....him lol. I don't know if I approve of his methods, but he gets points for being caring. I'm glad Emily's not actually sick and now we have a really, really interesting plot twist to look forward to. I can't wait to see where this goes, Zigh!

  5. The guy's going mental! LOL! And getting girls pregnant left and right. Or at least, that's probably what he is thinking. :D