Wednesday, April 27, 2011

34. Three's Companny

You know it’s been way too long since you’ve worked on a story, when you open up your page and think… “Umm… ok… what was happening?”
I feel horrible! Lol I think I’ve said that I lot but, it’s true. I’ve been thinking about this story a lot and I really want to finish it. I have some updates written and I was going to wait till I had a whole bunch of them, that way I could just past them everyday and keep working until I was done. However, I thought that since it had already been soooo long since I wrote one, that I’m just gonna put them up as I get them and hopefully try to get a least one done a week.

Please keep in mind that it’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything in this style. I’m hoping that I’m not too rusty, but I make no promises, it's gonna be pretty rough lol… ok… here goes… =)

If they weren’t rich and famous, they might have felt like complete dolts as they moved around the bar. Neither of them could dance and beyond the ice, neither of them had game.
And yet Mike still found himself finding comfort in the fact that he had Brooks beside him; even if they were both completely lost, they were still together.

Unfortunately that idea didn’t transfer over to Brooks - who was still too angry about his conversation with Emily to care. Part of him wanted to be mad at Mike for even giving him the idea to call and tell her tonight, but he knew that this wasn’t his roommates’ fault.
He didn’t even feel like it was his fault.

Emily was the one who needed to make up her mind about what she wanted from him. She had rejected the idea of dating, sworn off sleeping with him, and now he had to make sense of the fact that she was visiting a fertility center? Brooks wasn’t a moron - he had done his research - you didn’t go to see that doctor because you were pregnant, you went to get pregnant.

So she wanted to have a baby? Obliviously… but then why wouldn’t she just date him and see where that went? Or hell, date anyone for that matter. Weren’t those clinics for married couples that were having problems conceiving? Why would a perfectly healthy girl in her twenties feel the need to give up on the natural way and go this route?
Brooks could only think of two reasons. One, she was a lesbian… or two, she didn’t want to have sex with an actual man. Now, seeing as how she HAD had sex with him, he thought both of those theories were pretty much put to rest.

Or maybe it was him. Maybe he was so horrible at sex that he had driven her to give it up. Maybe the way she moved underneath him and the way that she bit her lip when she arched her back had all been an act. Was it possible someone could be that good at faking it? And why would she even bother to fake it if she didn’t like it? Was his life that pathetic that she had to pretend for his sake?
“Hey there…” A coy voice whispered from beside him. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Brooks turned around and looked down at the girl that was pressing herself against him. Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, he gave her a small smile before he began to revert back into his downward, mental spiral.
If someone had of approached him and ask him if she was a pretty girl, he would have had no idea what to say. He couldn’t even care enough to figure out the color of her hair, her name, or any other unimportant detail about her. He was simply done.

Physically, his last game had left him feeling like a complete mess, and this business with Emily had left his emotional side battered and bruised. He wanted answers, he wanted to yell at her, and vent, and figure out what the hell was wrong with him.

He glanced around the crowded bar, the smoky haze, the drunk, dancing people… and he realized that none of those things mattered, that none of it mattered. If she didn’t want him, no amount of trying would change her mind. He had done his part; he had laid it all out on the line, and she had turned him down.
He needed to get Emily out of his head, he needed to forget all the things she made him feel and he needed to move on. There was no point wasting time being depressed over someone who didn’t give a shit about him.

And what better place to get over someone, then a bar full of drunk people?

Brooks realized for the first time that he had lost track of Mike. He looked down at the girl was still pressing up against him, and he motioned with his head for her to follow him.
He made his way through the dancing bodies, heading for the small set of steps that lead to another bar, a higher dance floor, and a better vantage point.
Mike wasn’t hard to pick out; seeing as how he was the awkward guy walking by himself around the perimeter of the bar, clearly looking for his friend. Brooks smiled when they made eye contact, glad at the reminder that he would always have one person that he could count on.

Before Mike could even reach him, an idea was already forming in Brooks head. “Hey, where are the people you came with? Like… you got any girls here with you?”

She puckered her lips as she looked around, stretching up onto her tip-toes to point at a girl halfway across the bar. The girl she was pointing at was so completely wrapped around a man on the dance floor that Brooks could hardly even see her clearly. “Alright well, that won’t work…” He muttered to himself as Mike appeared beside him.

“Whatcha thinkin’?” He asked Brooks as he gave an appraising look to Brooks new companion. “We staying here for a bit?”

Brooks sighed, not really sure what he wanted to do anymore. The first step of the original plan he had been working on, involved himself and Mike leaving the bar with this random girl and her friend. The second step involved them going back to their hotel room and fucking until he couldn’t remember why he had even bothered to go out to a bar in the first place.
Of course, that plan wasn’t going to work unless he could find another girl who would be willing to have sex in a hotel room with a strange guy, when two other strange people were also having sex in that same room. Brooks bent down until he could speak into the girls’ ear. “You wanna give us a second here?” He asked, giving her a gentle push until she was nodding and reluctantly moving away from him. “You find anyone here?” He asked, immediately turning his attention back to Mike.

“You mean like a girl?”

Brooks grunted. “No, I mean have you met any cool guys you wanna take back to the room to play Xbox with?! Of course I mean a girl!”

“No. She’s cute though…” He suggested, nodding towards the girl Brooks had just sent away.

He looked over his shoulder at her, to find her leaning against the bar, coyly watching their exchange. “Yah but… she’s mine… I mean, I already found her… go find your own.”

Mike sighed and pouted. “I’m just not good at it… can’t you get her to bring a friend?”

“Her friend’s already fucking a guy out on the dance floor.”

Mike shrugged. “I can wait.”

“Are you kidding me? Why don’t you just go pick a girl up?” When he didn’t get an answer, he continued to prompt him. “Is this about Denise still?” He let his head fall back in annoyance but he didn’t say anything else about the issue, it wasn’t like he could fault Mike for being upset over some stupid girl… he was in the same boat. “Alright, let’s just go back to the hotel and drink some more… I’m over this bar scene.”

“Well, don’t worry about me… take her with you and I’ll just… sit in the bathtub and play my PSP till you’re done.”

“I’m gonna make you sit in the tub so I can have sex with some girl. I’ll just go back alone.”

Mike rolled his eyes. “I don’t care, I know you’re upset over Emily, bring her back.”

“No! We’ll just go. I’ll be fine.”

“That’s dumb! Just take her back with you-“

“-Why don’t you just take her back with you if you’re so concerned about it?!” Brooks snapped, crossing his muscular arms over his chest.

“Or I could just go back with both of you and see what happened.” Brooks had no idea when she had made her way back over to them, but the she was there now. Mike was staring at her with a slack jaw, before he realized what he was doing and he shut his mouth.
Brooks watched as Mike’s face contorted, then relaxed. He glanced at Brooks and shrugged.

Confused, Brooks looked back and forth between Mike and the girl. “Wait… you mean like… coming back with both of us… as in, BOTH of us?”

Mike let out a high pitched laugh. “No… a three-some with two guys is gay! Unless like… you know… you don’t care.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

“It is!” Brooks gasped, worried at how unconcerned Mike seemed to be. They stood there in silence for a few minutes as the party continued around them. Brooks shook his head, totally outraged at the idea of anyone even suggesting something like that to him.
But the more he thought about it, the less he found it awkward. In a way it made sense. He wanted to forget about Emily, probably just as badly as Mike wanted to forget about Denise… and it wasn’t like he hadn’t already seen all the guys on the team naked anyway… and plus, it wasn’t like THEY were going to do anything. If she was a physical buffer between anything that happened, it’d be just like having normal one-on-one sex, right?
He looked up to see Mike studying him. “Well, it’s probably not that gay I mean… it’s not like I’m having sex with you…” Mike quickly shook his head, looking terrified. “And I mean, we may as well?” He finished, his statement coming out more like a question.

“May as well.” Mike echoed.


  1. Hahahaha. Best line ever: “No… a three-some with two guys is gay! Unless like… you know… you don’t care.” Oh, Mike. It's hilarious how even after being away from this story for so long, the characters come back to life just the same as they were. They're like my old friends who I'm catching up with after I haven't seen them in so long, I love it <3.

    These two, this drunk, is not a good thing. Better not leave us hanging after that!!

  2. “No, I mean have you met any cool guys you wanna take back to the room to play Xbox with?! Of course I mean a girl!” - LOL. i could see these two this drunk talking like that.

    cant believe theyre about to have a 3-some..

  3. Yay finally updated! I'm so happy! Emily and Brooks just need to admit their feelings for eachother! There were some very funny lines! I got some good laughs!

  4. First off...Yippeee you are Alive! and I hope well!

    2nd this is my favorite line: Brooks grunted. “No, I mean have you met any cool guys you wanna take back to the room to play Xbox with?! Of course I mean a girl!”

    Awesome! So glad that you are writing again and posting...yipppeeee I'm giddy here! :o)

  5. So nice that you're back Zigh, and as funny as ever. And the mancrush vibe is still strong around here. Were you watching the playoffs and decided to revisit the bromance?

  6. So, I've been spending this morning going around and telling all the writers on here how much I like them! I've finally just made an account and I want you to know that I think you're a great writer and I can't wait for more!

  7. I so want to know how this story ends! Any chance???