Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Story!

Alright so... this new story will hopefully be starting in two weeks (probably the 12th)...

I kinda got bogged down with a bunch of school/graduation stuff so I've been really busy.
Anyway, I went to get my grad pics with my son the other day and I thought I'd share a couple.

One's just the random up close pic and the other is our family tribute to the blackhawks =) lol


  1. I'm looking the ost forward to this story, i shall explain why.

    every picture i see of brooks, he just looks liek he would be the perfect husband. cheesy i know... however i think other might agree... he looks like he could fit the bill to a semi-normal husband... comes home to his wife cooking (she may or may not be pregnant with his second or third child) and they just live a very happy life...

    he has that description written all over him

  2. oh and i'm soooo pumped that ur going to be writing again

    perhaps a sneek preview???? just one?

  3. I'm really excited for this story:D
    and your son is adorable!!!!!!!
    you guys are so cute together:)))

  4. I'm excited for the new story!
    I'm sure it's going to be amazing!!!

    Loved the photos! Your son is precious!!!

  5. Sounds like your life is really busy, it's great that you make time to write too. Congrats on graduating. You and your son are both cuties!

  6. Soooo excited!! And I love the pictures!!

  7. congrats on graduating, your son and you look really great together!

  8. The Pics are awsome and your son is such a little cutie. I can't wait for this story, you are such a good writer. By the way the poll at the end of the page about which flyer you would kiss made me laugh so hard that my stomach now hurts, especially the one about Hartnell.

  9. love love love love brooks. can't wait for this story. you and your son are adorable!

  10. You two are adorable!!
    Such a cute lil fam.

    I'm excited about the new story, love some Laich!

  11. I'm actually very happy to say that I've enjoyed every story that you've written, the Gogo one being my last story to read which I LOVED and still go back to.
    I absolutely love Brooks Laich, he is amazing looking and seems to be more than the perfect guy. I agree with Mariabprice when she says that he seems like that perfect husband.. and I hate the capitals but Brooks has always been my favourite player and I can't not like him! I can't wait for you to start this story about this amazing looking man! :)