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1 - One Night Stand

Yay! I finally updated lol! Ummm also be forewarned, I was bored of just writing random smut so I wanted to do something that I hadn't done in an update before and well... it's pretty nasty lol.
Anyway, hope you enjoy this one! I have the first 6 updates done and they'll be going up every night from now until I run out.
I'm hoping to get a lot more done this week after class, maybe even enough that I don't have to miss any nights.
Anyway, enough of my rant... hope you enjoy =)

May 14, 2008

I Drink Alone - George Thorogood

“Dude, you’re so drunk right now!” Mike yelled, slapping Brooks on the back of the head.
Brooks turned around, using his pool cue to hold him up as he searched for the culprit. He grinned when he saw Mike, shaking his head slowly, as he tried to keep his vertigo down.

“No’way man… I’m not even drinkin’.” Brooks grinned with drunken swagger. Mike tugged on the pool stick, so he let it go, leaning back against the table to hold himself up instead. “Where the fuck did the rest of ’em go?” He slurred, glancing around the dark pool hall.
It wasn’t like he could actually see who was around him, his eyes were almost completely hooded over from the effects of the alcohol, it was more from force of habit then anything.

Brooks felt a pair of tiny arms wind their way around his waist and he glanced down. He couldn’t remember exactly when, or from where, the small girl had come from, but it didn’t really matter anymore.

He wasn't usually looking for hook-ups, and she wasn’t his usual type of girl... but then again, this also wasn’t his usual type of establishment.
In fact, this was the first time he’d ever been inside the sketchy, smokey, dank, pool hall.

Mike, Brooks and a few of the other guys had been dragged there by Ovie, who, for whatever reason, was chasing after one of the female bartenders. Apparently he’d caught her though, because as Brooks looked around, he couldn’t see any sign of the loud Russian anywhere.
Looking back down at the small woman, Brooks could only shrug his shoulders and go with it.

Normally he wasn’t the drunk one. He usually spent his nights trying to control his friends, trying to be the responsible one. He liked to think he was just more mature than the average pro athlete, but in Mike’s opinion, Brooks was really just a party-pooper.
That was actually how the whole situation had come around.

It wasn’t like Brooks to be peer pressured or swayed, even if it was entirely in character for Mike to attempt it. Either way, he couldn’t remember exactly what kind of a mood he was in, that he had allowed himself to be bamboozled into drinking the whole juggity-jug of rum, alone.
Or, what Mike could have possibly suggested, that made drinking several Rev’s on top of that, sound like such a good idea.

“Brooksie, you ready to go man? You’re spacing out…” Mike said loudly, his voice dragging Brooks back into reality.
Nodding he smacked his lips together, grimacing at the taste of mixed alcohol on his breath.

“Lead away!” He shouted back, scooping up the girl with a little too much gusto; actually lifting her right off the floor.
Losing his balance with the slight change in weight, Brooks stumbled, almost dropping the girl and ploughing down Mike in one move.

Somehow they managed to get out of the bar without breaking anything, or anyone, and ended up back at their apartment, in what felt like no time at all.
Brooks wasn’t sure whether or not the girl that was with them was drunk, but he didn’t really care as he tried to follow her up the stairs.

Mike was leading, shushing at both of them, but Brooks couldn’t figure out why. He was being even more quiet and graceful than Mike, or so he thought, until they got to their floor. “Do you have any idea what time it is?!” Emily snapped as Brooks tripped up the last step and landed, sprawled across the floor.

“Oh hey’Em!” He said loudly, grinning up at her as the overly-anal girl from across the hall, glared back down at him.

“Switching places tonight?” She barked, snapping her eyes up towards Mike.

Mike held up his hands in surrender, walking backwards towards the and ushering the girl along with him. “He’s the drunk one… why are you-”

“-God Em… lighten up, you’re the party pooper now.” He said, laughing loudly at the prospect. “Hey Mikey… did’cha hear that?”

“Get him up… and in bed!” She said, her tone softer than before as she headed back down the hallway towards her opened door. “And don’t call me ’Em’.”

Pretty soon he was laying on his bed, watching Mike flick off the light and feeling the mattress shift, as the girl crawled up beside him. Brooks mumbled something to her, something even he couldn’t make out, but he reached out in her direction anyway.
She crawled into him, and a string of thoughts floated through his mind, but he ignored any questions he had for her.

She smelt good and she was warm, plus her skin was soft and she fit nicely into his arms. Brooks went with it, pulling her down on top of him until she was pressed firmly against his taut chest.
She teetered back until she was sitting on him, before pulling her shirt up over her head and tossing it to the side.

It was fairly dark in the room, but Brooks could still see her shape enough to know that she hadn’t been wearing anything under the shirt she’d just discarded. Grinning, he reached up, grasping her nipples in between his thumb and forefingers, squeezing each one until they were rock-hard beneath his fingers.

She repositioned herself and leaned forward, her breasts only a few inches away from his face. Tilting his chin, Brooks opened his mouth and took one in, grazing his teeth along her soft flesh, until she let out a muffled grunt.

With a last burst of balance, Brooks threw her off of him; laying her flat on her back and climbing on top of her.
He fought with button on her jeans before giving up, grabbing the denim fabric, and pulling with all his strength.
He felt it give and she bucked her hips, allowing him the leverage he needed to pull them off completely.

Remembering that he was still dressed, Brooks grabbed his shirt and tried to tug it over his head.
His hand-eye coordination spent, it got stuck, and he fought with it.
While he was busy trying to free himself from the white, cotton, death-trap, the girl was undoing his pants.

He felt the cool air against his skin, but that sensation was only short-lived, before the feel of her wet tongue on his erection, over powered everything else he was feeling.

Finally freeing himself from his shirt, he tossed it aside and glanced down. Even on his knees he was still slightly rocky, and ever move he made caused the mattress to shift slightly under him; enough that even as amazing as her mouth felt, he knew he needed to lie down.
He grabbed onto the back of her head and moved himself backwards until he was laying down again. He didn’t remove his hold on her, the only other change in position he made, was to throw his free hand up over his face.

As drunk as he was, Brooks relaxed instantaneously, allowing his body to cease functioning and go along with the physicality of the whole thing. It was pretty simple, to just close his eyes and get lost in the feel of her mouth all over him.

He wanted to do that, to just get off and fall asleep, without even having to change his current position; but some tiny sense of guilty went through him. Taking a deep breath he withdrew his arm from his eyes and sat up, grabbing onto the back of her head and tugging her away from him.
Having a fairly good idea where he was taking things, she fell backwards onto the bed; spreading her legs so he could crawl in-between them.

"How do you want it?" He slurred, pressing his thumb against her clit roughly, until she cried out.

"Hard..." She whined, reaching out and dragging her nails along his arms, until he was sure that they were bleeding. He didn't care though, the harder her nails dug in the tighter his grip became under his other hand.
Brooks could feel the tender skin and taut muscle of her leg between his fingers and he squeezed her harder in his powerful grasp.

He moved his hand from her clit and pushed her legs open further for good measure, before grabbing his, thick, hard, cock in his hand and hitting it against the wet heat in between her legs. "Mmmhmmm..." She groaned as she stretched her arms above her head, exposing herself to him fully. "Fuck me hard."

"Oh yah? Are you dirty girl? Tell me just how dirty you are. How dirty do you want it?"

"I want to be so dirty for you..." She purred, closing her eyes and biting her lip as she gyrated her hips for him.

He knew what he wanted to do, what he felt like doing. As if to test that waters he reached out again, circling her clit before sliding his thumb down towards her pussy, and then further. He felt her legs stiffen as he began to push his thumb into her ass.

Getting no more of a reaction then a groan of appreciation, Brooks pulled his hand backed and grabbed hold of his erection.
He fumbled with the drawer of his bed side table, leaning over in order to extract one of the many lube bottles from inside. Applying it liberally onto his hand, he ran it up and down his length, covering the smooth skin completely in the shiny, slick liquid.
Next Brooks moved back to her and pushed himself inside of her easily; pleased to find that he didn't have to fight against her body. Her opening worked with him, spread to give him better access, but staying tight enough that she felt amazing.

She let out a soft moan, like music to his ears, as he bent low over her and his hands slid under her smooth back; pinning her against him.
He pumped into her until his breath was coming out raggedly and sweat was starting to dancing across his skin, causing her hands to slip when she grasped onto his arms in an attempt to hold herself steady.

Whether he was just becoming more aware of his surroundings, or whether he was starting to sweat off his drunk, Brooks glanced down at her; finally seeing her for the first time.
She was pretty, he supposed. She had dirty blond hair that fanned out around her, and her eyes were a startling green; deep and passionate.
But there was something else there too, a fierce intelligence that caused him to pause.

He looked away from her, uncomfortable with her gaze, there was something about seeing that glint of aptitude in her eyes that seemed to make her more of a real person to him; as opposed to some girl he found in a bar.
He couldn’t think like that though, not if he wanted to finish the job.

Brooks pulled out, flipping her over onto her stomach and taking her from behind. “Do you know who I am?” He asked gruffly, his voice thick from lack of use and the excessive burn of alcohol. He waited.
Not getting an affirmative response, he dug his fingertips into her firm thighs, until he could feel her body flex in response.

She glanced behind her, nodding at him; her top teeth dragging along her bottom lip as she waited for him to say something else. He tilted his head back, rolling it, trying to relieve some of the tension he was feeling.
With another deep breath of ambition, he pulled her off the bed - half dragging and half pulling her behind him. "Say it then." He said gruffly, his voice thick and ragged with want.

Their destination was a cold, navy wall of his room, and he pinned her against it. "Brooks." She sighed, her voice airy as he forced his way inside of her again. "Mmm... Brooks Laich."

Brooks grunted in approval, slamming his body against hers as the door opened beside them. “Ummm so… this is awkward… but I think my PJ pants are in here.” Mike chimed as he moved into the darkened room, manoeuvring through it from memory, as Brooks pulled out of the girl.
Mike headed towards the dress, shifting through the pile of folded laundry on top, until he felt a familiar pair of fleece pants.

He spun around and held them up, almost as if he was trying to prove that they were actually in there, and he wasn’t a pervert.
Brooks rolled his eyes, suppressing a snort as Mike moved past them again. He felt no need to hide himself or the naked girl from Mike; they’d lived with each other too long to bother with formalities like those.

When the door was shut again Brooks turned back to her, his eyes adjusting to the darkness once more.
She reached out, wrapping her tiny fingers around the base of his erection, one by one. He sighed as she applied more pressure, feeling his blood pulse beneath her hold as she began to pull her hand up and down his length.
With a quiet moan he grabbed her chin, tilting her face towards him and bending forward to allow his lips to press onto hers.
She parted her lips and he pushed his tongue in, sweeping it through her mouth.

He pressed his left hand against the cold wall and leaned forward, further pushing her against the wooden surface. His other hand found it’s way onto her stomach before sliding down to the heat between her legs.

He grabbed her clit in his fingers, massaging it with his thumb and forefinger until she let out a cry; muffled only by the pressure of his lips. “Do you like that?” He asked quietly, not wanting to drown out the sound of her gentle purr.
She nodded, tilting her head back against the wall and biting down on her lip. He moved his fingers forward until he could slid them inside of her. Brooks moved them roughly on purpose, earning a gasp from her before asking, “do you want me inside you?”

“Yes…” She whispered, the ‘s’ drawn out until it disappeared into nothing, leaving the sound of hiss in his ear.
That was all the prompting he needed. Grabbing her smooth thighs and lifting her off the ground, Brooks held her high enough to slide his erection into her easily. The slick heat surrounded him fully, causing him exhale loudly as he began to rock his body upwards.
He could feel his orgasm building, just as the room began to tilt around him.

He shook his head, trying to throw off the queasy feeling that was spreading through him; but the sudden jerky movement, only served to make it worse. Realizing his distress, the girl tapped on him on shoulder, trying to get herself on the floor. Brooks obliged, setting her down and allowing her to lead him back to the bed.
He stumbled along the way, but made it, landing face-up on the massive mess of bed sheets. She climbed back on top of him but Brooks held up his hand. “You should grab a condom from the table…” He mumbled, flopping his hand down in the direction of the bedside table.
Whether she heard him, or whether he had actually said anything tangible, he didn’t find out.

The last thing he felt was a warm wetness enveloping him, as the darkness closed in around him.


  1. im loving this story already.

    wow mike really? really, did you have to walk in on your roommate having sex, for pj pants? lol

  2. Holy fucking hell!!
    I cannot WAIT to ready the next update!
    I can see I'm going to get hooked so quickly!!!

    The last time we played the Caps in PIT, my friends and I were hanging out at the wall, waiting for our boys to come out, and Brooks was sitting on the stone thingy waiting to get on the bus. And we, and by we I mean my friend *lol*, told him he was hot! He seemed fairly appreciative*
    I just wanted to throw that story out there, because I'm so excited that you've started this! EEEEP!!!

    And I loved that you made it nasty, no complaints here*

  3. Buahaha!!! Oh Mike. Only you would walk in on Brooks in the middle of sex! Leave your damned pants for the night! Perv....

    Why do I have a sickening suspicion that Brooks didn't say anything tangible at that point in the "conversation"?

    As always Zigh, brilliant!

  4. I like drunk Brooks. I wonder what he's like sober? Haha, because I think he's pretty funny. And a *bit* of a freak: "He fumbled with the drawer of his bed side table, leaning over in order to extract one of the many lube bottles from inside." Woah! With a stash like that, you'd think Mike would learn to stay the eff out. But, really, I get the impression that Mike's like a big kid who doesn't know the definition of the word "boundary." I'm with Heather... he could have slept without the flannel pants for one night.

    "He looked away from her, uncomfortable with her gaze, there was something about seeing that glint of aptitude in her eyes that seemed to make her more of a real person to him; as opposed to some girl he found in a bar.
    He couldn’t think like that though, not if he wanted to finish the job."
    Brooks really seems uncomfortable with the idea of a one-night stand, but it looks like he found a girl who's a freak just like him.

    So, I love the dynamic so far. Brooks, the responsible one; Mike, the wacky one; Emily, the bitchy neighbor... the green-eyed girl? Hmm, anything could happen after this. And I can't wait to see what that 'anything' entails! It's a great first post, Zigh! I missed reading your writing!

  5. drunk brooks is hillarious and I love this already

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    Not an awesome comment I know... but sex+Brooks=mush brain. Your fault. :P

  9. So Hi : )
    I read this last night before bed..BUT I figured I wouldn't comment know..the pills and all. : )

    Drunken Brooks = a little weird, cause you know usually Green is the drunk, but I loved it!

    Emily = for some reason I got a feeling she may be around a lot more?? maybe?

    Green walking in when Brooks was having sex with the girl..WTF..haha awkward much??

    That's all : )
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