Monday, May 10, 2010

9. Boobs

So first off... thank you guys so much for all the feedback on the last update! I seriously love getting all your kind words and knowing what you guys think about this. When I checked today and say how many comments there were, it put a firecracker under my butt to get this one up for you guys tonight.
Also, if there are ever any questions, things you'd like to see, or issues that you feel should be addressed in this story... let me know. I don't think you guys have any idea how much investment I put into your feed back.
Thanks to you, some things have been changed in this story because of ideas that have been sparked by things I've read in comments... so keep them coming =)!
Thanks again and... hope you enjoy!

Girl Next Door - Saving Jane

The look on Mike’s face should have prepared Emily for what was about to come through the door, but it didn’t. Of course she had assumed that somewhere along the way, they’d stumble across an attractive girl, but she didn’t think that they’d end up with… well… this.

She watched the girl now as she giggled next to Mike, stroking a well-manicured finger down his bicep, as he smiled back at her. He was clenching his body in an odd manner; trying to make his arms appear more muscular, while hiding the fact that he was flexing to do so.
Kaley was her name, and she had already won over the boys. Of course, she’d been here now for over thirty minutes and hadn’t asked a thing about Cosmo - or even looked in her direction, for that matter - but for some reason she was still here.
Well, there were actually two reasons she was still here, and both of those were wrapped in a red lace, double-d cup, that was clearly showing beneath the tight, white shirt she was wearing.

Emily was sitting in the far corner of the room, having ostracized herself from everyone else, with the exception of Cosmo. The little girl was yawning softly as Emily nestled her against her chest, rocking her slightly in the black leather, lazy-boy chair that she was occupying.
In a normal situation she knew that she’d be more concerned with the child; wondering how two ‘men’, like Brooks and Mike, could ever raise a child… but she found that now so was more interested in the line of sight Brooks was taking in.

His eyes hadn’t left Kaley’s chest since she got there, and Emily wished he’d just look up at her face for two seconds.
So, she had big boobs and was tanned, but she wasn’t pretty at all. She had the type of teeth that only made an appearance in movies like Deliverance or the Hills Have Eyes, and her complexion was horrid, even more so when it was covered in a thick layer of icing-like makeup; which it was now.
She couldn’t even get annoyed at the boys for the way they were acting. Even she had noticed Kaley’s chest when she came in; having offered them up in a low-cut shirt like they were on a silver platter.

If anything, she should have been angry that they would objectify a woman like that, but she couldn’t bring herself to think that way. Mike and Brooks just weren’t like that. Sure, they had their completely retarted moments and a relationship with each other that went well beyond the realm of ‘questionable’, but all in all they were good guys.
What bothered her even more was the part of her that wished Brooks would objectify her at some point; but that wouldn’t happen. He always looked at her like she had two heads and a penis, and she had already made up her mind as far as men were concerned.

Finally, after dazing off for another fifteen minutes while they chitchatted, she cleared her throat loudly, trying to draw the attention of everyone in the room. When Brooks and Mike finally looked over at her, she motioned towards the kitchen; indicating that they should discuss this.

Both boys went, reluctantly. Following after Emily and Cosmo as she rounded the corner and stood with her back against the fridge. “So… I’m thinking that maybe-”
“She’s awesome?” Mike asked, the sound of a laugh playing in his voice as he glanced over his shoulder towards the living room.

“- I was thinking more like-” Emily began again, but was cut off quickly by Brooks.

“It’s a tit bit nipply out there?” He joked, earning a grin of approval from Mike, who was quick to retort with his own remark.

“Well if anyone has the tit-ifications for the job… I think it’s her…” Mike sighed, almost dream like as he leaned across the counter, dropping his chin into the palms of his hand, staring at her.

“She is the chest for the job, I’ll give you that…” Brooks added with another grin of his own.

“Clearly a full cup-size above the rest…”

Emily stiffened and felt her face begin to heat as the boys continued to ogle over the girl in the other room. Biting her lip, Emily took a deep breath before she continued. “Ok… now you’re just being ridiculous. Could we maybe… oh I don’t know… talk about your child?!”

“Geesh Emily, take a chill pill…” Brooks laughed, turning around to face her. She felt embarrassed and slightly annoyed at the way he watched her now; any lust or appreciation gone from his gaze. “We’re just kidding around.”

“Yah, well maybe some of us have things they could be doing. I said that I’d help you with this, because you know nothing about children… but if you’re going to stand here and act like retarded, chauvinistic pigs, then you can forget about it.”

She felt instantly foolish as Mike turned around to look at her. Both boys glanced sheepishly between each other, but their eyes were still lit with a hint of humour, something that made her feel like she was over reacting. “Anyway, “ she continued, wanting to change the subject, “I think maybe you should ask why she’s qualified for this job.”

Shrugging, Brooks went back into the living room. “So… ah… do you know anything about kids?”

“Umm… not really. Like… I have a little sister but she’s oober annoying so I don’t really spend time with her. Oh, and I can’t change a diaper… that’s gross. And if it spits up or anything like that… I can’t watch it while it eats. When anything pukes… it makes me puke.” She drawled in her high-pitched southern tone.

Emily was smug, to say the least, as she listened to the answer. It wasn’t that she was surprised; in fact she had assumed that this girl probably knew nothing about babies and just wanted to work for hockey players… but she’d expected her to at least lie. Maybe, pretend that she knew something.

Of course Emily’s sense of satisfaction only lasted for a brief moment before she realized that Brooks had heard absolutely nothing she said; his eyes locked on the abundance of breast popping out of her shirt. “Oh… cool…” He said absently, blinking a few times and looking away once he realized that she had stopped talking.

He glanced back over his shoulder at Emily, as if to say ‘there, see? I asked’; but Emily turned away quickly, feeling tears of anger well up in her eyes.

Brooks cleared his throat and looked back at Kaley, using all his willpower to keep his eyes away from her chest and focused on her face. “Well I’m not sure that’s going to work for us… we’re looking for someone with a bit more… baby… knowledge.” He finished, earning a gasp of disbelief from Mike.

“Woah, woah… I mean… let’s not be too hasty here. She can learn like… you have to start somewhere and what better place than here.

So, maybe she’s not the breast… ah… best person for the job but-“

“It was nice to meet you Kaley, thanks for coming… and good luck finding work.” Brooks pressed on over Mike, reaching out to lead a flabbergasted Kaley towards the door.
He opened it and showed her out, closing the door in front of her as she opened her mouth to say something.

Brooks didn’t wait, clicking the chain and turning around to make eye contact with Emily. He felt like he should apologize, but then thought better of it, giving her a weak smile instead and hoping she understood the meaning.

It wasn’t even normally like him to be so taken in by a girl – or part of a girl, anyway – he was usually the ‘good’ one. He couldn’t really even explain why it had happened, but now he felt guilty for letting it.

Really though, it wasn’t like there was something wrong with him; there was no reason for Emily to stare at him like he was a pervert… after all, he hadn’t had sex in what…?
Well, the answer was cuddled in Emily’s arm.

God, had it really been that long? He was going to have to do something about that, even Mike was getting more play then him…

As if secretly listening in on Brooks’ inner turmoil, Mike piped up. “Well I hope you’re happy… fuck!” He groaned before spinning off and heading down the hallway. He disappeared around the corner and slammed his bedroom door shut, leaving Brooks and Emily looking at each other.

“Is he gonna be-?”

“Yah he’ll be fine.” Brooks said quickly, answering her question before she could get it out. “He's secretly afraid of boobs anyway... he’d just run if she tried to touch him. I promise he’s not missing out on anything.”

Emily tried to smile, but it came out more as a grimace. “I should probably get back anyway…” She said as she moved towards him, gently leaning forward so that he could remove Cosmo from her arms.

“Get going for what?” Brooks asked, his voice lowering as soon as he had Cosmo in his arms.

“I work tonight.” She replied softly, stretching up on her tip-toes to kiss the sleeping girl on the head. “See you later on…”

“Work? I didn’t know you worked…”

Snorting, Emily turned around. “You think I just live here for free? Trading goods and services for an apartment? No… some people have real jobs.” She quipped, giving Brooks a small smile before she unhooked the chain, opened the door, and disappeared into the hallway.

Brooks watched the door shut behind her and sighed. Now not only was he still short a sitter, but he was more confused then ever.

What did she want from him? Was she some kind of pro-woman activist and hated men… or was she jealous at him for looking at another girl?

He didn’t think she was a feminist, she had never given him that sort of attitude before, but then again, she looked liked she was going to cry…

Part of him thought maybe she did like him after all, but then he remembered that she had never made a pass at him, so he let the thought wilt and die.

Emily had lost all track of time. She was now frantically running through her nice, neat, conservative apartment, tossing a wide assortment of objects into a bag. It was fully to the brim before she was satisfied enough that she had everything she needed.

With a nod to herself she headed off down the hall towards her bed room, peeling of her clothing until she was standing in front of the mirror, completely naked.

She tugged on the tight bun at the back of her head and pulled it loose, allowing her long, dark, wavy hair to fall along her shoulders and onto her back. Turning to the side she ran a hand along her flat stomach, swiveling her hips in the hope of seeing something that wasn’t there.

With a sigh she brushed her hair away from her chest, inhaling sharply as a strand caught in one of her nipple rings. “Shit…” She sighed, carefully working the dark strand free before she continued looking for her work clothes.

A see through tank top, a pair of daisy duke shorts, and a some bloodred, high-heel stilettos later; Emily was blowing past Brooks’ room with confidence. Her large, stuffed back was secured tightly under her arm, and her heels clicked on the linoleum floor as she headed out into the night.


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    "She had the type of teeth that only made an appearance in movies like Deliverance or the Hills Have Eyes..." Okay now that's just funny. But with a face like that, she's gotta have a nice chest. It's called survival of the fittest.

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