Friday, June 4, 2010

22. You Thought I Was A WHAT?!

London Bridge - Fergie

Brooks walked back and forth between the railing and the bar for the next hour and a half. Mike watched him, mildly entertained as he went about his circular path.
He'd walk to the bar and order a drink, down it, and then walk back to the railing. He'd stand there, watching Emily as she talked to a large man in a black shirt with the words 'security' on his back.

"What is she- she's not- but then she's... fuck!" He finally yelled as he spun around to face Mike. "Why is she here?"

"I don't know! Why are you yelling at me?" He shot back. Mike wasn't angry like Brooks, and he was more curious then confused. He didn't understand why they just couldn't go over to her and ask her why she was here.

"She knew we'd be here... that's why she's hiding in the corner like that Mike... she knew. She fucking knew and she didn't tell me!" Brooks yelled again, grabbing onto Mike’s shoulders and pulling him off the bar stool. “Why wouldn’t she tell me? Why would she play me like this?”

“Brooks! She’s not playing you! First off, she doesn’t know you like her because you didn’t talk to her about it. Second, she doesn’t know that you know what she does for a living… because you didn’t talk to her about it! Do you get the pattern here?”

“You just don’t get it…”

“Don’t give me that!” Mike yelled back, more forceful than anything he’d said to Brooks before. The change in tone and demeanor worked though and Brooks realized that Mike was being serious, so he listened. “You want to do something? Then go do something… otherwise we’re leaving. You’re being ridiculous and I think you know that. Come on man, just go talk to her.”

Brooks stared at Mike, hard. He didn’t want to admit that his room-mate was right, just like he didn’t want to admit that this situation was possibly out of his hands.
He was so fucking mad at her he couldn’t even get his feelings into words, but he also knew that that wasn’t her fault. It was his.
This whole situation could have been avoided from the beginning if he had of just talked to her about it. Hell, if he had have just talked to her from the minute they moved in, then he wouldn’t be sitting here like this… he’d be at home, and maybe she’d be there with them.
No, Mike was right. He either needed to do something or he needed to call it a night in head home. The latter seemed the easiest course of action, but he didn’t want to think about the lack of sleep he’d get over this… he was going to deal with this, and it was going to be tonight.

Without a second glance at Mike, Brooks headed out into the crowd of his rowdy team-mates. He could see Emily’s eyes scan the boys every few seconds, and he knew that she was looking for him from her vantage point up on the upper level.

The only thing that he could even think about as he got closer, was how fantastic she looked. She was wearing a tight, low-cut red shirt and a pair of tight, black shorts; the same as the girls in the club; but there was a different air about her. Unlike the rest of the women in the club, she was untouchable.
Her hair was down and curled into unnaturally perfect ringlets that framed her face. Her dark eyes were alight with excitement and worry, outlined by dark liner that extended her lids and gave her a cat-like look.
Brooks had always enjoyed the look of her legs, but he had never actually appreciated how long they were until tonight.
Nor did he realize just how curvy she was. The realization caused him to stop walking as he took a deep breath, feel just a tad insecure.

He could probably have any girl in here if he wanted to. He wasn’t even trying to be cocky with the thought; he was just stating a fact. It wasn’t even because this was a strip club either… he knew he had that power at almost any place he went.
But it wasn’t because they were interested in him; it was because they wanted his name, his money, and his fame.

The issue was, Emily already knew all that. She already knew who he was and what he did; and assuming she knew how to work ‘Google’ she could probably ballpark what he made a year.
She just didn’t care.

He still wanted answers and he still wanted to hear… something… from her, but he decided in that moment that he wouldn’t tell her that he wanted her or that he liked her. He’d get the truth from her about what she did and that would be it. He’d turn around, grab Mike, and leave.

The bouncer saw him before Emily did. He gave Brooks a rough stare, like he was trying to stare him off; but between his determinacy and the effects of the alcohol, it didn’t faze him. What did make him gulp, was when the bouncer nudged Emily and she looked over, catching his eye for the first time that night.
She looked up at the large man and nodded, telling him it was ok to leave.

Brooks climbed the stairs and then waited at the top as the guy moved past him. Emily gave him a sheepish grin and reached up, folding her arms across her chest self-consciously.
For a lack of better things to do, he shrugged at her, begging her to just answer his questions, without him having to ask them.
“So… enjoying your night?” She asked casually as Brooks stood on the edge of the deep end.

“Am I enjoying my night? That’s all you have to say? No… by the way this is where I work?” Brooks snapped, not caring that he wasn’t doing a good job of hiding his anger.

“I don’t work here, this is-“

“Oh yah! This is a strip club, prostitutes work outside, right?”

Emily took a step back as he advanced towards her, his eyes flashing. “What are you talking about?”

“Stop trying to hide it! I’m right here, Emily!” Brooks yelled, holding his hands out to his side.

Emily shook her head and took another step back. “Ok, why are you yelling at me and what do you think I’m hiding? I’m not hiding anything!”

“Except for the fact that you’re a whore!” He sneered, finding some kind of solace as she winced against the name. “Yah, I know all about it… and you just… forgot to mention it? What was your plan, I actually tell you that I care about you and then come clean?”

Emily took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “I don’t- I’m not a whore. I don’t work here! I own this place… I own the whole fucking company! So don’t you call me a whore just because I’m standing here.”

“You own it?”

“Yes. I’m the CEO and Founder of Lost Pleasure Incorporated… we’re the second biggest party planning company in North America.”

Brooks opened his mouth to speak but he closed it again, taking a step back as he felt himself deflate. “So then why do you have all that stuff in your room? Why are you…? I don’t understand.”

“Some of the things in my room are for work, and some are mine. Part of what we do is pleasure parties for women during stag-ettes. You know, sex toys and things like-.” Emily stopped and cocked her head to the side. “Why do you know what’s in my room?”

“Oh my god!” Brooks laughed, loudly. He closed the gap between them and reached out for her. “That’s so funny! I thought you were a prostitute!”

“…” The noise that came out of Emily next, didn’t seem like it should have come from a person; at least not a living one.
Her eyes glowed with anger as she stared into him. “You thought I was a WHAT?!”

Brooks felt his pop open and his eyes go wide, but all he could do was hold his hands out in front of himself defensively. “I just… it was like… you were… and Mike started singing Roxanne-“

“You thought I had sex for money?! And you went through my room and looked at all my shit?! Are you kidding me??” She screamed, loud enough that she drew the attention of a few of the nearest people; even over the thumping music of the club.
Brooks started to back away but Emily was on a roll now, coming towards him like a cougar cornering her prey. “After everything that I have done for you… helping you with Cosmo, taking care of you and Mike when you couldn’t open the god-damned-dishwasher! And this is how you repay me? You come into my club and accuse me of being a prostitute?!”

He was confused. Brooks didn’t know what he should do, or shouldn’t do. Part of him was so terrified of Emily he wanted to jump over the railing and take his chances with the fall… the other half of him was so happy that she wasn’t a prostitute he could hardly deal with anything else.
She kept coming until she was so close to him he could smell the spearmint on her breath. “Any last words before I kick your ass out of here?” She hissed, her perfectly straight, white teeth clenched together as she spoke.

“I’m so happy right now.”

Emily’s eyes lost their intensity as she took a step back. “What?”

“I like you so fuckin’ much, Emily. I should have said something but… we got this idea in our head that you were… well, you know. I wanted to tell you but I didn’t know if I could deal with that. It's selfish I know but I didn't say anything cause I needed you for myself.”

She should have stayed angry at him. She should have slapped him and called Brody to come toss him out, but she couldn’t, not when she heard those words.
Years. Years she had lived across the hall from him, dreaming about the day that he would show up and tell her that he wanted to be with her; she couldn’t just ignore that, even if she was furious.
So, it wasn’t exactly the way she had planned for it to happen, and she definitely wasn’t feeling flattered or particularly pretty in that moment, but she couldn’t make herself care.

He put his hands on her and she was done for... those words, paired with the feel of his powerful hands on her arms was too much. She looked up at him and he licked his lips, bending down to kiss the nape of her neck, before he worked his way up towards her ear; his hot breathing causing her to shiver involuntarily. "I've been waiting for you so long Emily, please don’t be mad." He moaned, his voice gruff and deep with want that she purred in response.
She nodded wordlessly, unable to say anything else; all she could think was that if they didn't leave soon, her panties were gonna melt off.


  1. “I’m so happy right now.” -> Sounding a little delusional right now Brooks. Not the best thing to say...
    As soon as you said that she was talking to the bouncer and was "untouchable" that's when it clicked - she was either running the joint or was in charge of the party or the girls or whatever. I'm glad Emily the ice queen is melting - the first part of that was awkward. Let's hope Brooks melts her pants off so they can have some red hot sex :)

  2. FINALLY. Oh my god, this chapter was so good I don't think I can even coherently put together a good enough review.

    "Brooks felt his pop open and his eyes go wide, but all he could do was hold his hands out in front of himself defensively. “I just… it was like… you were… and Mike started singing Roxanne-“

    I loved that quote so much because he summed up all of those chapters of him wondering in agony about Emily's lifestyle in just one ridiculous sentence. It made me laugh really, really hard.

    Excellent chapter. You've been so on your game lately and this story is definitely one of your best!

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    “Any last words before I kick your ass out of here?”
    “I’m so happy right now.”
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