Saturday, June 5, 2010

23. Brooks Totally Forgets About Mike...

... sometimes I feel like I write things I probably shouldn't... but hopefully no one gets creeped out by this.
Also, in order to try and make this update realistic, I spent 45 minutes on the phone with one of my old room-mates, having a very awkward conversation about him and his sexual tendencies so... if that doesn't show you how much I love you guys, I don't know what will!
Also, like I said, I'm trying to avoid the cliffhangers... I probably won't have another update till Monday so I tried to end this in a good place and I hope you agree with me! ... enjoy =)

S.E.X. - Nickleback

Brooks glanced around, dropping his hold on her arms and grabbing for her hand, trying to tug her after him as he headed for the stairs. He was looking for a quick exit, one that wouldn’t draw too much attention.
He wasn’t thinking with a clear head though, and he knew if he couldn’t find one, he’d probably throw her over his shoulder and carry her out the front doors.

Emily tugged back on him before he got to the stairs, trying to resist the strength of his pull. He turned around and glanced at her, she was pointing in the opposite direction that he was going; at a small door in the corner. “Storage room.” She explained as his eyes lingered on it.

Nodding, he turned around and headed for it at full speed. Emily laughed as he dragged her along behind him. It came out slightly airy though, and she took a deep breath, trying to remind herself that if she stopped breathing she’d pass out.
It wasn’t that she was nervous or worried; she wasn’t some virgin Mary. It wasn’t like this was her first time and she had no idea what to do, it was more than that. This moment, although not how she had planned it, was something she’d pictured a million times. She wanted Brooks. No, she needed him, so desperately it shook through her.
Her heart was hammering so loudly, she could feel it against her ribs and hear it in her ears. She was positive Brooks could hear it, but he couldn’t, and even if he could, it wasn’t going to stop him.

He pulled her through the dark storage room, trying to navigate his way through the unfamiliar rows of cluttered boxes. They were labelled, but he didn’t stop to read them, he just continued to pull Emily behind him, aiming for the deepest most secluded part of the room.
Brooks finally found it, as they came out an isle and into a small office like space.

The desk was situated in the center of the clearing, and it was almost empty minus a telephone and a few papers. In behind it were several large filing cabinets and a computer chair. “Inventory.” Emily whispered behind him, her voice breaking the silence around them.

It was almost eerie, how quite it was now, in comparison to the room they had just exited. Brooks nodded, realizing how out of breath his was; more from excitement than physical exertion… for now. He turned around to look at her, taking he free hand in his and tugging her towards him until he could wrap her arms around his waist.
She obliged him and locked her hands behind his back, tilting her head back so that he could grab her tender neck with his big, warm hands; securing her in place so that he could bring his lips down to hers.

He kissed her hard, until they were both out of breath and her lips felt raw. She pulled her head back with a gasp, her panting only amplified by the incessant need that took over as Brooks began to drag his teeth down her neck.
He continued to slid his lips, tongue and teeth lower, until he was at the tip of her cleavage, where it created a ’Y’ in the deep v-neck of her shirt. Emily bit her lip, impatient to feel his lips on her breast.

Brooks looked up at her to find that her eyes were closed and her teeth were digging into the soft skin of her sweet lips. He grasped the hem of her shirt and pulled it upwards, then tossed it aside.
The only thing left between him and her breasts now was a sheer, black lace bra, that he inadvertently demolished in his enthusiasm to get it off.

Emily didn’t seem to mind though, as the flimsy fabric came apart in his capable hands. She watched for his reaction as his eyes wandered over her dark, pert nipples and the silver rings that went through each one.
Brooks wanted to say something, something that had to do with how completely amazed and excited he was right now, but he just shook his head. He bent low and pulled one of them into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the erect nub, closing his eyes against the sounds of pleasure that were began to rumble from within her chest.

He switched to the other side, and began to apply more pressure with his mouth, as his hands came down to remove the tight shorts and g-string she was wearing. He dropped down onto his knees in front of her as them came off and she stepped out of them. Laughing slightly Brooks grabbed onto the back of her thighs with his hands and pulled her against him. “Excited babe?” He asked, enjoyment evident in his voice as he slid one hand around to her front and pushed a finger into the moisture between her legs.

She was dripping wet, and he loved it. On a normal night, he’d lay her down and pull her legs open, working her pussy over with everything he had until she couldn’t come anymore. But that would have to wait, he didn’t have the patience for it now.

He withdrew his hand from her warmth and stood up, pulling his shirt over his head and undoing his belt quickly. He wasted no time dropping his pants and kicking them off.
Soon he was as naked as she was.

He pulled her against him again exhaled lightly as his hard cock slid across her stomach, leaving a small trail of pre-cum where it went. “Emily.” He said hoarsely, his voice pulling her eyes away from his dick. He knew how mad she was about him going into her room, but he still needed to ask her. “The handcuffs in your room… do you like being in them?”

She nodded earnestly and he smiled, his eyes growing wide as he began to imagine all the possibilities this could lead to. “Everything I had in my room, I got from this room.”
Emily said the words casually, but Brooks could hear the suggestion in her voice. He smiled and nodded, turning away from her and walked towards the row beside them and pulled out a box.

“Holy fuck…” He sighed as he stared at it’s contents. He couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face as he looked back at her. She was leaning against the desk, facing him, with a body that was made to be spanked.
The thought caused Brooks’ thick cock to twitch and he knew that when it came to the actual fucking he wasn’t going to last long; he was gonna have to stretch out the foreplay as much as possible.

Formulating a plan in his head, Brooks set off to work tying, pulling and rearranging objects in the box until he was satisfied. When he stood up he had four separate pairs of handcuffs, and two long pieces of rope. Each rope had a handcuff tied to each end and he threw them under the desk.

Emily cocked her head to the side and watched him, not one hundred percent sure what he was doing. When he turned around though, he was smiling at her, a smile that caused her cunt tingle with anticipation as she wondered what he had in store. “You own this building?” He asked her, making sure he had understood her before.


“Kay…” He said, before he stretched his arms out and swiped them across the top of the desk, pushing everything onto the floor and leaving the space cleared. He pat the top of the desk and motioned for Emily to come forward, which she did. He helped her climb up onto it and pushed her shoulders gently, till she was lying on her back against the cold, polished wood.
He bent down and picked up one of the hand cuffs, and snapped the hard metal against her wrist, before moving down and connecting her ankle to a handcuff that was connected to the other rope.

When he was satisfied that they were secure he moved to the other side and pulled the rope out from under the desk. He connected her other wrist and ankle to the cuffs on the other side of the ropes and stood back to admire his handy work.
She was still wearing the pair of high-heel red shoes that she had dressed in that night, but Brooks decided to leave them on, remembering the way they had made her legs look so long and perfect.
Now though, her wrists were bound and pulled tightly out to the side, stretching her body taut; uncomfortably so.
With the pressure of the rope pulling her across the table, her legs were now widely spread.

Emily hadn’t been expecting just how tight she’d be pulled. The ropes had looked long when Brooks first took them towards her, but they were pulled to the limit as they stretched under the desk, connecting to each one of her four limbs.
She was exposed now, and completely under his control; stretched out and vulnerable.

She knew there was always a worry that went with allowing a man to tie you up, because of the fact that you became a victim to his whims, but she didn’t feel nervous or scared at all.
She could only feel excitement and need as he walked around the table, watching her struggle against the restraints.

He came to a stop beside her, placing his hands on the table and leaning over her. He clicked his tongue a few times, like he was trying to remember something he had forgotten.
With a sharp inhale of air, he turned around and went back to the box, picking it up and carrying it back to her. He dropped it onto the floor and rummaged through it, pulling his hand back out with two tiny blue things, sticking out through his fingers.

He took one in each hand and held them out over her as he tried to position them correctly. Emily felt her eyes go wide when she saw what they were, but the untameable sex kitten inside of her forced her to stick her chest out further, helping Brooks place each nipple clamp carefully onto her sensitive skin, trying to avoid any unwanted contact with her nipple rings.
She let out a small yelp, causing Brooks to reach back out for them, ready to take them off. “Leave them...” She purred, firmly, staying his hands and causing him to smile.

Their eyes met and Emily sighed with ecstasy. She wanted him so badly that she was ready to jump him, but she loved the fact that she couldn’t; loved the fact that he was in complete control of her and the situation.
She also loved that when she stared into his dark blue eyes, she knew she could trust him, that he would never ever give her more than she could handle. She could tell by how confident he looked, that he was more than capable of taking her to the edge and beyond, but if she told him to stop, he would. Not that she planned on doing that…

When he was sure that she was ok, Brooks cupped a hand around her breast and pushed up, causing it to jiggle slightly. Emily closed her eyes and moaned against the feel of the tight clamp as it moved with her body. He lightly slapped one of her breasts and she started to sigh, wordlessly begging him for more.

He slapped her breasts again, only much harder. They bounced and jiggled deliciously under his assault and watched them move with rapt attention. Implored on by her murmurs of approval, he took each one in his hand and squeezed until he could see the pink imprint of his hands on her.

Moving his hands away from her chest, Brooks slid them down towards her tight, wet, pussy, pushing them inside forcefully.
Emily groaned and arched her back off the table, as much as her restraints would allow.

As he worked, sliding his fingers in and out of her, she watch him intently; hot lust etched across her pretty face. She licked her lips and started to cry out as the brutal force of Brooks’ thick fingers brought her to a deep orgasm.

“Oh god!“ She cried as the juices of her climax poured out of her with forced. “Fuck me… please…“ She begged as she attempted to pull herself away from his fingers. “I want you in me Brooks.“

“You want this hard cock in you babe?“ He asked a sheepish grin on his face as he pushed his fingers back inside of her.

“Fuck yes!“ She cried, not caring that she was begging desperately, she didn’t care about self control at the moment, all she knew was that she wanted to feel him pumping inside of her.

Nodding, he moved towards her face, toying with her. He knew exactly what she wanted but he wasn’t ready to give it to her yet.
Instead he grabbed onto the back of her neck and pushed her face towards him. Understanding, Emily slipped her soft lips over his length, taking it into the confines of her deliciously warm mouth. Her tongue was working the head of his dick as he tilted his head back, moaning his approval.

He began to feel his dick twitch impatiently and he withdrew himself from her mouth, sucking in as the cool air replaced the heat of her mouth.
There were things he wanted to say, other things he wanted to do but he couldn’t remember what they were.
All he knew was that she was beautiful and sexy, stretched out on the table, staring up at her. Her perfectly lush lips were turned into a small pout as she watched him, waiting.

Brooks grabbed his slick dick and began to run his hand over it’s thick mass, pumping harder and faster as he climbed up onto the desk, in between her legs.
Emily whimpered excitedly and bucked her hips up, tilting her clit towards him, waiting for him to enter her.

He took one last look at her through hooded eyes before he came forward and slid himself in her extremely tight, hot opening.
They both released a satisfied sigh of relief as he filled her. Brooks enjoyed the feel of her cunt a minute longer before he pulled back and pushed himself in again, hard.

Emily moaned and fought against her restraints, trying to wrap her legs around him and push him onwards.
He thought about untying her, but didn’t feel like wasting the time looking for the keys right now, instead he pinned her hips back down onto the desk top and began to pump into her as fast as he could.

He filled her over and over, his balls slapping against her ass as he hooked his hands underneath her and lifted her half off the table. She screamed as her body clenched around him, squirting her orgasm out around his shaft as he pulled out.

Feeling her begin to climax again quickly, Brooks pulled out and grabbed onto her swollen clit with his hand. He wasn’t sure how many times he’d be able to make her come, but he wanted to ensure that she’d climax at the same time as he finished.
In order to prevent her from going over the edge, he began to squeeze and twist. Emily cried out, her voice a mix of pain and pleasure. He continued to pick at her until he was sure she was calmed down enough for him to continue.

He moved back in between her legs and pushed himself back in side of her, knowing full-well that she was still wet and ready. He started to fuck her as hard as he could, keeping his head down and trying to ignore the sight of her climax as her body soon began to convulse around his. He lost the battle though, coming with force a few minutes later, the same time that she screamed his name.

He paused as his cock started to throb, forcing the foaming, white liquid into her waiting pussy. She sighed as he stopped, pulling out and splashing a mingled mess of their orgasms onto the table between her legs.

With a sigh of effort, Brooks moved away from her and leaned by the box, rummaging through it until he found the key he was looking for. He moved back and unlocked her, pulling her off the table and against his chest, kissing the top of her head.
Emily’s legs were shaking as she tried to stand, but Brooks kept her on her feet with his powerful, secure arms.


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