Monday, June 21, 2010

26. Oil Spills Are Bad: Part One

As Jay so eloquently put it… ‘it’s not about the length, it’s about what you want to do with it’.
And yes, that is what she said.

Hopefully part two will be up tomorrow. Sorry about this, just needed to get it up and over with so I could keep going… and I didn’t want to leave you hanging any longer.

Mike couldn‘t help but laugh, and feel offended at the same time. “You’re lying to me!” He finally yelled, holding his hands out to the sides and daring Brooks to disagree with him.

Rolling his eyes, Brooks did just that. “I am not Mike, nothing happened last night…” It was an honest statement. Brooks had eventually managed to fall asleep, ignoring every single nerve ending in his body that was screaming at him to jump on her. Sick or no sick his body was incapable of ignoring the effect she had on him.

Mike continued to stare at Brooks with disbelief and feigned hurt on his face. “I can’t believe that you’re lying… to me. Me, of all people!”

He groaned and leaned forward to where Mike was standing, trying to swat at him with his hand. Mike jumped back and laughed, before dropping down onto the chair, out his reach. Brooks flopping back to, laying back out on his back, where he had been before Mike so rudely interrupted him. “Is there a point to this Mike? You lie to me all the time!”

“Oh, I know I lie to you… but this is different! You never lie to me, ne-e-e-e-ver. A dark, serious gaze or at worst, a sarcastic remark… but you never lie.”

Brooks opened his mouth to answer but shut it as Emily came around the corner. She smiled at Brooks and Mike as she adjusted Cosmo on her hip. “Guess who’s feeling better?” She cooed as Cosmo let out a squeal. “It must have been some twenty-four hour flu or something that you guys had.”

“Yah… must have been…” Brooks agreed, shooting daggers at Mike with his eyes; a warning to keep any kind of sexual comments to a minimum. “So, thanks for coming over last night.” He said lamely, not sure what else he should say to her. She nodded and moved around him, sitting down at the bottom of the couch by Brooks’ feet.

“So… good sleep?” Mike asked, trying not to smile as Brooks cleared his throat loudly.

Emily looked over at him sceptically. “Yah, thanks…”

“Mike… wasn’t there, that thing that you had to do?” Brooks hissed, glancing around Emily to where Mike was still sitting. “You know… the thing you needed to do so that that big, angry guy didn’t get any more angry at you?”

“Oh riiiight… him. Yah, I should go and do that thing… now.”

Emily cleared her throat, obviously suspicious of the exchange between the two boys, but she didn’t say anything as she watched Mike get up and vacate the apartment.
After the sound of his footsteps had disappeared off the stairs and Cosmo had fought her way out of Emily’s hold, she glanced over at Brooks who was pointedly staring at the TV.

She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, as Cosmo began to bang away on the floor with her blocks, every now and then letting out a squeal of delight that would catch Brooks’ attention; attention that was never directed at Emily.
He had been that way the whole night too, and she could only assume that his lack of sexual tension was because he was following her wishes; but that didn’t make it easier.

Part of her wished it was hard for him to keep his hands away from her, especially last night, when she was beside him in his bed. But he had kept his distance and treated her like she was nothing more than a friend.
It should have made her happy to know he was showing self-control, but it didn’t.

Sex with Brooks had been… well… nothing short of amazing, as far as she was concerned. It was not only better than anything she had experienced before, but better than anything she would have imagined was possible.
At least she thought so.

Looking over at him now, she couldn’t even be sure he enjoyed himself. No man had that much restraint… no, this didn’t make her happy.
Maybe what she really, really needed, was for Brooks to just be with her, period; give her the emotional, physical and sexual contact all at the same time.

She sighed and shifted as Mythbusters started back up on the TV, and she ran her hand over her face. There was no way she could change the game now, right? She couldn’t expect him to keep his hands off her, and then just jump on him one of the first times they were together, could she?
Clearing her throat, she slid over towards Brooks on the couch. “So are you feeling back to your old self then? No fever…?” She turned her body, squeezing on arm against her chest, causing her right breast to pop halfway out of her shirt. “Let me check…” She placed a cool hand against his forehead, before she slid it down onto his cheek.

Brooks swallowed hard and did everything he could to keep his eyes away from the swell of breast in front of his face. “Umm…” It took all his willpower not to gawk, and he was happy when she finally moved her hand away from him; for a minute.

“Hmm… you do feel a little warm.” She sighed, coming back at him with two hands, dragging them down the rough stubble of his jaw and chin. “Do you need to have another lie down?” She whispered, leaning so close to him he could feel the heat of her breath against his face.
He started trying to think of everything, anything, that would take his mind away from the shape of her body as she curled it up on the couch beside him.

Oil spills, those were sad.

Emily let out a small moan of contentment as she removed her hands and turned her body until her shoulders and back were against Brooks’ side. He glanced over as she stretch out, seeing the way her breast popped out the top of her shirt when she folded her arms under them like that…

All the poor little animals that got covered in grease and had to be washed off in all the soapy water like the Dawn commercials… soapy water… He licked his lips, almost able to taste her skin on them.
But oil spills were sad.
“This is comfy… do you mind if I get some shut eye, too?”

He cleared his throat before answering, “sure.” She yawned, whether real or fake, he wasn’t sure; but soon she was stretched out over his lap, leaving him to gawk at the swell of her ass beside him, and the feel of her head on his legs.

Oil spills are sad.


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    “You know… the thing you needed to do so that that big, angry guy didn’t get any more angry at you?”

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