Tuesday, June 15, 2010

25. Prove what?

This update sucks balls but I can't do anything else with it. Sorry =( lol

“Prove what?”

“I don’t know!”

“Prove what?!”

“I don’t know!”

“What are you suppose to be proving?!”

“I. Don’t. Know!”

Denise’s head moved back and forth as she watched the exchange between Brooks and Mike. Cosmo was beside her, laughing as the two boys stormed around the living room, looking more like two of the Stooges then two grown men trying to figure something out.
“What exactly did she say?” She said loudly, trying to intervene before Brooks ended up burning a line in the ground where he paced.

Sighing, Brooks stopped walking and tilted his head back. He closed his eyes and tried to replay the situation over in his head again. “I don’t know.” He said finally, opening his eyes and dropping down onto the couch behind him. “I dunno.” He murmured for what felt like the millionth time that morning.

“Well let’s think… last night before… well, you know-”

“I think what she’s trying to say is… was anything important said before you too started fucking like monkeys on steroids?” Mike interjected, taking a seat beside Brooks.

Brooks chewed on his lip for a minute as he tried to remember everything that he had said to her. Even though it was only last night, he was exhausted and a tad hung over, making the whole situation seemed like it had really happened weeks ago. “I told her that we knew about what she did, then I told her I liked her, then we… well… fucked.”

“Wait!” Denise said loudly, standing up and walking towards the couch. “You mean to tell me, that you told her she was a prostitute?”

“So she’s not then?” Mike added, confusion clouding his face.

Brooks looked back and forth between them before he answered. “No she’s not a prostitute and yes I… told her she was.”

“What does she do then?” Mike asked, and Brooks couldn’t help but notice that he sounded disappointed.

“You know that club we were in? Well she owns it, and apparently a lot more. She runs some party company… I don’t remember the name.” Densie clicked her tongue and Brooks turned back around to look at her.

“She wants you to prove that she’s not some tail.” She said sharply, folding her arms over her chest and glaring at him. “You accuse her of being a whore and then you have sex with her… and you honestly can’t figure out what’s wrong with that scenario? Really?”
Brooks looked over at Mike, who looked back at him and shrugged. “You guys are hopeless.” She groaned, moving forward to get Brooks’ attention again. “Look, spend time with her… talk to her, be with her. Do that for a while without doing or mentioning anything that has to do with sex. Show her that she actually matters in all aspects of your life and not just in bed.”

Brooks mused her words over, running his tongue along the roof of his mouth, like he was tasting them. "So... not sex her?"
He glanced over his shoulder to find Denise nodding at him, a bemused look on her face as her eyes wandered back over to Mike. "You mean... go from what we did last night, to nothing?"

Denise huffed and the noise caused Mike to cringe as she moved her hands down to her hips. "Listen Brooks, you either want to be with her cause you like her... or you did just use her for sex. I'm not judging you... honestly, I don't care why you did it. All I'm saying is that if you do like her, really like her, then yes... go from that to nothing. Take things slowly... see what happens."

It made sense, Brooks wasn't going to argue with her about it, he also knew that if that's what it was going to take, then that's what he was going to do. He couldn't help but groan though, when the thought of not being able to touch her crossed his mind. She was more to him than just some lay, he knew that, and was mildly offended that she didn't pay attention to him when he told her that he did like her.

Brooks tilted his head back against the couch and listened to the sound of Cosmo’s tiny plastic spoon rattling around on the tray of her high chair as she demolished her breakfast.
He couldn’t sit here and think about this all day, that much was for sure. If Emily needed time to cool off, he’d give that to her. He’d let her come to him, and then he’d show her just how un-sexual he could be… at least he hoped he could.

“I’m gonna get Emily.” Mike said finally, decidedly. He had watched Brooks miss two practices and still battle with a stomach bug to look after Cosmo. That would have been enough for him to get Emily, but Brooks had made him promise not to. Now however, Mike knew that they needed her. With Cosmo coming down sick and Mike already beginning to feel the gross shakes of a fever spreading through his own body, he knew there was nothing else that could be done.

“No…” Brooks groaned from the couch, before he rolled onto his back and started to heave into the blue bucket that was placed on the floor below him.

Mike didn’t bother waiting around to argue with him, instead he turned tail and headed for the door, padding softly down the hallway towards her apartment. He knocked a few bars of Bad Romance on the door, before he heard Emily come towards the door. She pulled it open and gave him a weak smile.

It was weird, seeing her again. They’d gone from never talking at all, to her being at his place every day after the arrival of Cosmo. After the fiasco with Brooks, she had disappeared again. It had been almost a whole week since she’d been around and even though he wouldn’t admit it, Brooks was missing her… so was Cosmo. “I know that I’m probably the second last person you wanna see right now… but we need you.” He said simply, staring at her and waiting for a reaction.

Emily bit her lip and looked behind her at the mess that had taken over her apartment.
She glanced back at Mike and just nodded, unable to hide her disappointment. She’d been hoping that Brooks would make some kind of effort where she was concerned, show up and sweep her off her feet in some over the top, fairy-tale way. Instead she got Mike. That was like planning for the Prince and getting the limo driver. All she could do was nod though, and follow him down the hall.

When she went into the living room and found Cosmo passed out in her play-pen, and Brooks curled up, shirtless, on the couch. He was pale and clammy, shivering slightly as small beads of sweat danced across his smooth, taut skin. His eyes slowly opened as she came to a stop in front of him. They were darker then normal, hooded from the effect of sickness, but he still managed to give her a weak smile before his eyes closed again and he let out a soft snore. “We should get him to his room so he can sleep better.” She said to Mike, who nodded and moved around to where she was standing.

He grabbed Brooks, waking him, and hooked his arm over his shoulder. They walked together towards his room; Mike clearly feeling the weight of his room-mate as they rounded the corner. Emily sighed lightly and looked behind her where Cosmo was snoring lightly. Smiling, Emily bent down to scoop her up, and headed around the corner Mike and Brooks had just disappeared around

Brooks woke up shortly after eleven. He felt like he’d been sleeping for days, but the clock showed otherwise. He looked around and saw Emily exiting through his bedroom door, and it was then the he realized what had woken her up. He sat up, fighting off a wave of nausea as he tip-toed after her. “Emily…” He whispered, trying not to scare her as he grabbed onto the wall for support.

She turned around, inhaling slighting with surprise as she clutched one of Brooks’ pillows against her chest. “I couldn’t sleep on the couch and the bed covers from the spare room are still in the wash.” She explained as he nodded along, remembering all to clearly when he had escaped to the coldest room in the apartment, in an attempt to bring his fever down, only to puke all over the bed.

“Sorry about that…” He began to say but she waved his apology away.

“Don’t. It’s no biggie.” She smiled, awkwardly looking away from him as she realized that these were the first words they had exchanged since they were rolling around in his bed.

“Sleep in my room.” He said suddenly, surprising even himself when the words left his lips. “I don’t mean like that.” He added quickly as she opened her mouth to protest. “Just… it makes more sense then you sleeping on the bed I puked in earlier.
My bed has sheets and doesn’t smell like throw-up.”

She nodded slowly, hugging the pillow closer to her chest as she began to move back towards him.
Brooks gave her a promising smile and watched as she walked towards his bed. He knew he had to keep to his original plan and not lay a finger on her, but it was going to be hard; doubly so when he saw what she was wearing.

Brooks didn‘t realize how long he was staring at her, until she smiled at him and called him over. “Come on Brooks… get into bed, you look like you’re about to fall over.”

She was pulling back the sheets on the other side of his bed, and the swell of her breast through her tank top, and the curves of her hips and her long, long legs, aroused a fire in him that had never been there before. Not even the last time she was in his bed.
He wondered if it was because this time he knew he couldn’t have her. He licked his lips and continued to stare at her, trying to shake the thoughts that were beginning to creep through his mind. He refused to think like that; he couldn’t.
This was the first time he’d seen her since he told himself he was going to take things slowly, he couldn’t lose focus already.

If she meant as much to him as he believed she did, he owed it to her to do things the right way….

But her skin glowed in the shine of the street lights through the window, and his eyes focused on the point of one, hardened nipple as she laid down on her back.
Brooks was already in nothing but his boxers, and he wanted her. He wanted her so fiercely it shook him.
He moved towards her and laid down, but he didn’t touch her.


  1. Awwww! And collective sighs resound. Brooks! My heart's about to beat out of my chest. It was so great. I love that he's keeping himself restrained (hahaha, bondage) and trying to do the right thing by Emily. Though he's a complete cad for not realizing that he made Emily feel like a whore. Thank you, Denise, for being the voice of reason for these stupid boys!

    Two favorite lines:
    1.) "He knocked a few bars of Bad Romance on the door" BAHAHAHA, oh year, I don't put that past Mike.
    2.) "That was like planning for the Prince and getting the limo driver." Poor Emily. I'd feel that way, too. All she wanted was a sweet gesture from the man she's desperately in love with. Why is that so much to ask?

    Step in the right direction. :D :D Now I'm all smiles! Loved it, Zigh!

  2. I can see Mike knocking on someone's door with a song. Probably does that to Brooksy all the time! I loved it and can't wait for more. I feel bad for him being so sick. I know when I'm that sick I become a big baby.

  3. Can I just day how much I love the interactions and dialogue between Brooks and Mike. Those two have me laughing out loud every update!!

  4. first of all none of your updates....stink or suck how ever you put it...

    i love this update...boy they can be so clueless sometimes but it makes for a great story

  5. Literally every time I read Mike and Brooks' interactions I giggle furiously. I am happy that Mike went and got Emily and that Brooks might be piecing it together (thanks you, Denise) and he can finally help Emily understand that he really likes her. He's a little dense that he didn't get that she thought it was purely sexual in the first place, but, then again, apparently testosterone fucks with the brain :D.

    I have to admit, some small part of me thinks that most of what is cute about Brooks laying in bed beside her without touching her is cute is the fact that he wants her so bad and he is so hyper aware of her body and her sexuality. It's like a truer testament to his feelings that he pushes all that male hormonal stuff to the side. Haha, maybe that's just me.

    Also, as a sidenote, honorable mention to Jay's 'retraint' 'bondage' quip. I definitely laughed.

    Great stuff, Zigh. Excited for more.