Monday, June 14, 2010

24. Prove It

I am so, so, so, sorry that this update took so long, and is still pretty short! BUT… Rowan is back to school tomorrow so, hopefully you’ll be having lots of updates coming your way! =)
Thanks for putting up with me… or… with a lack of me lol

When Emily woke up, her body was soar and stiff, but she felt warm and snug in a bed that was not her own. She felt the weight of someone’s arm around her waist and body heat radiating from behind her.
Her eyes flew open and she glanced over her shoulder to see Brooks; his face, half snuggled into her back and his deep, rhythmic breath blowing across her back.

She exhaled quietly and closed her eyes, feeling her face heat as she began to remember every detail of the night before. It wasn’t like she could forget. She tilted forward and looked down at her body. Even in the dull light that was beginning to shine through his window, she could see the purple and blue outline of his hands all over her skin and the tender pink lines around her wrists, where the handcuffs had held her in place.

She bit her lip and fought back tears as embarrassment began to creep through her cheeks.
With a quick, slight movement, she unwound herself from Brooks’ hands and grabbed her clothing off the floor.
She instantly remembered leaving the club and remembered coming back here with him; she also remembered the second and third times they had had sex.

With her clothes donned, she moved towards the door, and paused with her hand on the doorknob. Emily glanced back at Brooks and felt a small, sad smile spread across her face.
She slipped out of the door and into the hallway, carefully unlocking her door and walking inside before she bolted the lock into place and fled to her bedroom.

Emily flopped onto the bed and pressed her face into one of the silk pillows, her muffled sobs filling the room as she curled into a small ball.
She couldn’t even allow herself a minute on cloud nine, to enjoy the fact that she had just experienced such an incredible night with Brooks; she was too busy drowning in the fact that she’d just ruined every chance she had ever had with him.

Did she want to have sex with him? Of course, that much was obvious. The one thing that hadn’t crossed her mind in the heat of the moment, was the concept that now she’d never have Brooks the way she wanted him; as a boyfriend, a confidant, a friend, and a lover.

Fucking and then dating, was not the natural progression of a relationship. The progression of a relationship was getting to know someone, going on dates, doing the awkward first kiss, and then working your way to sex.
What kind of guy was gonna buy the cow after he’d already had the milk for free?

So, they clearly had the same tendencies and whims when it came to sex, but that didn’t mean anything in the long run. It wasn’t that Emily didn’t think the physical part was an important part of a relationship, but she knew it wasn’t the only part of the relationship.
And she couldn’t even imagine Brooks thinking that there could be anymore with her now, especially not after last night. He’d never be able to look at her the same way again.

The one thing that bothered her the most, was why it had happened. She knew now that Brooks had been in her room, had seen everything she had in there, and apparently he liked that. Was that the only reason he had even approached her?
Because if he had seen all those things, and was genuinely interested in her, wouldn’t he have taken her out on a date?

He had also called her a prostitute. After everything that they had gone through, all the times she had been there for him since he had Cosmo, he still apparently knew nothing about her.
She knew that she had purposely tried to dodge questions about her job, but a prostitute? Really? What part of her personality when she was around them had led them to believe such a horrible thing about her?
Was he suggesting that she carried herself like a whore? Or she just looked like one?

And the fact that he had had the nerve to come right up to her and yell at her about it. So what if she was? If she actually did sleep with people for money, why should it even matter to him?
Unless of course he meant what he said, about liking her. Was that even possible? And after finding out that he thought she was capable of being a prostitute, did she even want a relationship with him?


Alright so that was a stupid question and no matter what Brooks did or said it was going to take a lot for Emily to change her mind about him. All she could really do was hope it wouldn’t take a lot to make him change his mind about her.

The unfortunate thing was that this also was under the assumption that he was even interested in her at all, after last night.
It was much more impressive for a guy to make a girl orgasm, then it was for a girl to make a guy orgasm. As far as Emily’s knowledge with, guys could get off to anything, so just because she was able to do that for Brooks, didn’t mean that she was special in some way… it just meant she had boobs and a functioning vagina.

The only option Emily could see in her way, was to sit down and talk to Brooks; friend to friend.
Friends. Emily groaned at the idea of it. She wasn’t even sure someone would classify them as friends. Maybe they were, or maybe their relationship was really nothing more than a neighbour/nanny one.

She rolled over onto her back and grabbed the pillow that was resting on the bed beside her, throwing it up over her face as she closed her eyes. She just needed to sleep some more… she was positive that if she just slept on it, everything would make more sense in the morning.

“Hey Mike, did you see Emily pass through here?” Brooks asked as he wandered out into the kitchen to find that everyone was already awake.
Cosmo was sitting in her highchair, a bowl of dried Cheerios turned upside down on her head, while Mike and Denise were sitting on either side of her at the table.

“Nope, I thought she was in there with you…” Mike said giving Brooks a large, obnoxious wink.

“I’ve been up since seven, and she hasn’t left any time after that. At least, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed if she did.” Denise added, trying no to think about all the noises she’d heard through the wall shortly after Brooks and the neighbour had turned up home.

Brooks thought about sitting down at the table, but decided against it. He headed for the door and opened it, heading down the hallway towards Emily’s place.

He knocked three times before he even heard anyone moving inside. He knocked another while he waited for her to answer the door.

When she finally pulled it open, it was with the chain still firmly in place, her face peering out the small opening that it allowed between the door and the frame. “Yah?”

Brooks opened his mouth, then closed it; suffice to say he was expecting a much more warm, excited welcome. “Any reason you left so early? You could have woken me… or better yet… you could have just stayed. I mean, I can think of a few things I'd rather be doing with you then talking through your door.” He said, leaning in closer to her as a suggestive smirk crossed his face.

“And why would I want to do that?” She snapped, feeling fresh tears welling up in her eyes.

“Why wouldn’t you?” Brooks asked slowly, not really sure what could have possibly caused Emily to go from awesome to crazy in a few hours. “Em… what is this about?” He coaxed, stepping closer to the door and sliding his foot into the opening, to insure that Emily couldn’t slam it shut in his face. “You can talk to me, you know?”

“Can I really?” She glared, as she stepped back and folded her arms over her chest. She was wearing the same clothing she had been last night, and Brooks could see the perfect imprints of his hands all over her. He licked his lips and pulled his eyes away from her body, back up to her face. “That’s what I thought, I’m just an easy lay to you.”

“Easy lay? That’s not- I don’t even know what you’re talking about… I don’t feel that way about you!
If I just wanted to go out of screw some girl I would! I wouldn’t waste my time trying to-”

“Oh so now I’m just a waste of time?”

“Emily, that’s not what I meant… you’re fucking around my words!”

“Fine! If you do actually like me… and I mean as more then some slut you can get on whenever the urge takes you… then prove it!“ She huffed and turned around, leaving Brooks peering through the hole between the door and its frame. “Emily!” He yelled after her, but she didn’t stop. She rounded the corner and disappeared down the hallway, leaving Brooks to shut the door and head back to his apartment. Defeated.


  1. Ok, I agree, Brooks should so prove to Emily how much he cares for her!

  2. Poor Emily. She really, really, REALLY likes Brooks, and she's not sure if he feels the same way. Her proof to him was letting him in and allowing him to handcuff her. I mean, come on, that takes an incredible amount of trust to let someone do that to you. That was her grand gesture. And while Brooks did tell Emily that he likes her and all that jazz, she needs more than that. It's easy to be insecure when in a position such as hers (sexually/physically/emotionally?), and she needs something bigger from Brooks than his subtle proclamation.

    I hope he's not feeling too defeated to the point where he doesn't think it's not worth it. I can see where he can be discouraged, also, because he did tell her how he feels, and I'm sure he think that that's enough. Brooksy, girls are so much more complicated than that.

    Best line EVER: "it just meant she had boobs and a functioning vagina." <3

  3. omg can't wait until the next chapter... Hopeing brooks can prove it to her :)

  4. Ohh, use of the new design tab on Blogger! I used this one too, on my work blog, it looks so cool. Well, it's weird to get Emily's POV now, and I must say she's way more in love than I had any idea of (or Brooks either). She seemed a lot tougher from Brook's POV.

    I hope Brooks can conquer her worries, because if they can both relax and get into it, they could be a sizzlin' couple.

  5. So glad that this is back in my life. First of all, I'm loving the new layout. It's very chic ;P Now, onto the story.

    Poor Emily! Omg, I adore her! I feel so bad that she thinks that Brooks doesn't want a real relationship with her. I really wish that she could just see into his head for a minute and see just how much he really likes her and what she means to him.

    And Brooks, now is the time to be the hopeless romantic that we all know you are and show her just how important she is to you!

    Loved the update, Zigh<3

  6. Loved the update!
    I think it was made even better by the fact that I'm sitting in my hotel in Canada reading it! LOL

    I wish Brooks all the luck in the world at making Em understand him* It's going to be interesting!

  7. This was so worth the wait!! And I'm turning into an Emily fan. :)